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All About the Town Hall Meeting(s)
Road Issues - Town Hall meeting held November 14, 2015 at Fire Hall
On Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 9 AM, at the Fire Hall on FM 1431, the City Council and the Streets and Water Advisory Group (SWAG) held a Joint Meeting in conjunction with a TOWN HALL MEETING for everyone who would like to discuss public improvements: specifically Road Issues.  Here is the agenda for the meeting.  Here is a copy of the PowerPoint slide show that was presented at the meeting.  Here is an excerpt from the City's Comprehensive Plan, which covers the Transportation Plan  (this plan was adopted in 2010 and is the city's 'current' plan).  Here are a couple of maps of the city streets.   

Regarding the Deer Issue - May 2, 2015

On May 2nd, a Town Hall Meeting was held regarding the urban deer issue.   To read more about the Town Hall Meeting, click here.  For information about the Deer Issue, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) please clickhere.  Here is an article from the Highlander News from August 11, 2015.  It discusses the current Deer Census that is being conducted.  

The Wildlife Advisory Committee was created in March of 2014.  They have been holding meetings for approximately a year.  To read up on their agendas and the minutes of their meetings click here.  Recently they drafted a helpful page of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the deer management issue.  You can read this FAQ page here.  
On Thursday, August 13th, the Wildlife Committee will begin conducting a 'head count' of the deer, the deer census.  There will be three 'count nights' held and the results will be averaged.  

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, the Committee hosted a Town Hall Meeting regarding the Urban Deer Population issue.  The Wildlife Advisory Committee presented a slide show that you can see here. 

Three experts from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department attended in their Demonstration Mobile.  This meeting was to follow up on the recent city-wide survey of residents opinions regarding the city's deer.   

To see the survey results of the City Wide Deer survey, click here.

The three experts from the TX Parks and Wildlife presented slide shows related to their respective fields of expertise.  

Kevin Schwausch spoke about White-Tailed Deer Management in Urban/Suburban Environments:  Planning for Success:  His presentation is here.  

Erin Wehland spoke about the biology of the deer.  Her presentation is here.  

Jessica Alderson spoke as the expert in assisting cities and Home Owners Associations establish the most appropriate management program for White-Tail Deer.  Her presentation is here.  Her presentation included an inter-active portion of the meeting, where Ms. Alderson provided keypads to the attendees (about 60 people in total) and conducted an opinion survey of the group both before, and after, she gave her lecture.  

The meeting did not end with any firm solutions, and there is currently no proposal on the table.  City leaders suggested that a 'No Feeding the Deer' Ordinance will be drafted.  This Ordinance will be customized so that there are no penalties for feeding the birds or if the deer eat the dogs food.  This ordinance will focus on attempting to discourage the feeding of our urban deer herd.  

Our Animal Control officer - police officer Ginnie Kirkpatrick - attended the Town Hall meeting and encouraged citizens to call her (830) 598-4818 with questions regarding deer.  There was a short discussion regarding the city's policy if a deer dies in your street or yard.  Please see Administrative Policy Directive #001 by City Manager Ken Nickel here.

The topic of Deer Fencing comes up often during our discussions of our urban deer herd.  The Planning and Zoning Commissioners are currently reviewing the entire Zoning Ordinance, including the unfortunately vague section regarding Deer Fencing.  At this time, no fencing can be installed in residential areas in the front yard higher than 4 feet.  Since this effectively prevents a Deer Fence from keeping deer out of yards, we currently have no real fence-based strategy for deer management.   

Hunting in the city limits was discussed very briefly during the Town Hall Meeting.  If you would like to see the Ordinance which regulates Discharge of Firearms in the city limits, it is here. 

Please call city hall and ask for City Secretary (830) 598-2424 x303, if you have questions about the Wildlife Advisory Committee.  If you would like to submit an application to apply for the City Council to consider appointing you to a Board of Committee (including the Wildlife Advisory Committee), please complete this application and provide to the City Secretary.  



About a future sewer system 2-22-2014
THE LATEST:   Special Called Joint Meeting with City Council and the Sewer Advisory Committee 

The City Council invited the Sewer Committee to a Joint Special Meeting on Monday, June 9th at 6:00 p.m.  to discuss 
    • Results of the surveys and comments - interpretations-documentation-communication
    • Sewer committee recommendations to City Council- a written report and discussion at meeting
    • Council comments and assessments
    • Council direction on actions to be taken as we move forward –what’s next?

Sewer Advisory Committee 

The Sewer Committee members have been meeting regularly since June 2013.  To review agendas or minutes from the group, please click here.  

Town Hall Meeting - Held February 22, 2014 at the Fire Hall, RR 1431, Granite Shoals, TX.  

There was an overflow crowd at the  
February 22, 2014, Saturday, Town Hall Meeting to discuss Municipal Sewer System options!  Because some were unable to attend, or to hear, the presentations the documents are here.   Here is the Letter from the City Council and Sewer Committee with the Financial Fact Sheet about the cost of the city borrowing money at this time.  Here is the new Citizen Sewer Survey.    These were sent before the meeting to all property owners.  At the meeting, attendees saw this presentation from Mayor Dennis A. Maier.  Then, Assistant City Manager / Utilities Director Peggy Smith gave this very basic presentation about the Components of a Wastewater System.   Mr. Dave Biziak, the Sewer Committee Chair gave the attendees an update on the work of the citizen volunteer committee and their progress.

Folks that attended the meeting were asked to answer a brief Attendee Questionnaire.    

Not able to attend the Town Hall Meeting?  The meeting minutes (extensive) are here. 

Sewer Survey 2014 

Here are the results of the Sewer Survey 2014, they were corrected April 28, 2014. (Number of respondents in question one corrected to reflect 847 - not 874).  Then, the Sewer Committee and Assistant City Manager created this secondary tally of the results, showing only the answers from those identifying as full-time residents of Granite Shoals.  

The comments have not been compiled into a report yet, there are many of them.  But the numbered questions have been tabulated.